MEA Piano Studio

Another Successful Piano Guild Audition for MEA Piano Studio

Every year students of MEA Piano Studio participate in the National Piano Guild Auditions. MEA Piano Studio is located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Congratulations to the students of MEA Piano Studio for another successful year of participation with the National Piano Guild. Students of all ages and levels memorized nearly 300 pieces and worked hard to perfect rhythm, notes, technique, scales, and dynamics.

This year, students had the wonderful opportunity to be adjudicated by Maryland pianist and teacher, Elizabeth Goethe, at the Franconia-Springfield Piano Guild Center. Many students entered the audition room nervously and, because of Mrs. Goethe, exited feeling calm and smiling.

For the 2015 Piano Guild Auditions:

– Three students performed one piece. (Pledge)

– Four students performed two pieces.
– Six students performed three pieces. (Local)

– Three students performed four pieces.
– Three students performed five pieces.
– Nine students performed six pieces. (District)

– One student performed seven pieces.
– Four students performed eight pieces.
– One student performed nine pieces. (State)

– Six students performed ten pieces.
– One student performed eleven pieces.
– Four students performed twelve pieces.
– One student performed thirteen pieces. (National)

– Two students performed one piano duet. (Ensemble)

Congratulations to all students that participated.


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